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Laboratory Equipment Buyers' Guide

Your Complete Resource for Lab Equipment & Technologies

Welcome to the Buyers Guide for international laboratories. You've seen the latest science news within Labmate-Online. Now you can also locate the laboratory equipment you are looking for quickly and easily here, covering areas such as chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, laboratory consumables, microscopy, or IT for the Lab.

Simply select from the list which laboratory instrumentation or area of science you are interested in, and proceed through the categories of equipment for the laboratory to source your product. Or just try using the Laboratory Search Keyword Box! From beakers or pipettes, to electrophoresis or HPLC equipment, you'll find the details of all the leading manufactures in the field.

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Your Complete Resource for Lab Equipment & Technologies

The Labmate Buyers Guide provides laboratory managers and purchasing staff with the perfect tool for making informed decisions regarding the use of their budgets.

The annual print version "The International Labmate Buyers Guide", as with any regular issue of International Labmate, provides readers with informative articles and product news, but it also allows a "search by product" facility using the directory/listings pages in green and red. This provides readers with an easy reference tool for use throughout the year. Following the print version, the publication is also available digitally to a further 32,000 online subscribers to the e-Bulletin service.

The online version of the Buyers Guide provides another simple means to locate laboratory products. Labmate-Online users can view which companies supply the products they are looking for at the click of a button and also see other equipment produced by the manufacturer to the right of their screen.

Digital version of the Printed Buyers' Guide

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