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Fast and Reliable TOC/TNb Determination in Saline Water Using the Multi N/C® Series  

Sep 03 2012

Author: Bernd Bletzinger on behalf of Analytik Jena GmbH

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In many areas of application – extending far beyond drinking and waste water analysis – a fast and reliable TOC/TNb determination is required. The catalytic high temperature combustion with subsequent selective and sensitive detection of the combustion products CO2 and NO is an established determination method.
This measuring technique is used, for example, in the agricultural pedological area when determining the microbial biomass carbon or nitrogen in soil, using the fumigation extraction method. Soil samples are purged by chloroform to kill microorganisms as well as to destroy the cells and, subsequently, extracted with a 0.5 molar potassium sulphate solution. This highly saline solution is then directly analysed with a NPOC/TN method at the analyser.
Another application area is the process monitoring of chlorine alkali electrolysis in chemical industry. The used brines have a NaCl content of 26–28 percent by weight (saturation of 100°C), whereas the TOC content is process-crucial and must be monitored with measurement technology. This also applies to brines used in medical areas.

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