• Kromasil SFC columns for analysis and isolation

Kromasil SFC columns for analysis and isolation

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Based on 100 Å pore size, 2.5 and 5 μm particles, Kromasil SFC columns give users the opportunity of fast separations. The columns are tailor-made for research, discovery and isolation.

Kromasil SFC columns are the answer for fast separations. These columns are now being shipped in cyano, diol, silica, 2-ethylpyridine and fused organo-silane chemistries for the laboratory scientist to separate a wide range of substances, from non-polar to strongly polar compounds. By carrying out experiments with the five standard Kromasil SFC columns, the user can efficiently screen the material that works best for a given sample.

Medium and high-throughput laboratories focused on green technology and seeking to improve turnaround time are now able to take advantage of the separation power of the Kromasil SFC 2.5 μm family of columns. With the chromatographic power of Kromasil SFC phases available in short and narrow columns, users can easily achieve baseline resolution and ultra-fast separations.

With Kromasil SFC XT being part of the Kromasil portfolio, we offer an SFC phase that shows orthogonality towards 2EP and other common SFC phases when run under standard SFC conditions. This is illustrated in Figure 1, where elution order for common acidic, neutral and basic substances on selected SFC phases is shown. In this diagram, the relative elution time increases downwards in the figure. This approach is a quick reference for chromatographers when selecting a SFC phase based on compounds listed in the figure and others that have similar chemical structure.

Kromasil is a brand of Nouryon and was initially developed to increase the effectiveness of liquid chromatography. Today, the Kromasil product line has grown to serve users in the areas of UHPLC, HPLC, SFC and SMB, and provide tools to improve the economics of separations and purifications across the globe.

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