• Streamline your GC workflow with a Precision gas generator

Streamline your GC workflow with a Precision gas generator

Aug 17 2020 Read 586 Times

Every laboratory aims to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time with as little hassle as possible. Combining convenience and reliability in a stackable and modular design, Peak Scientific’s Precision gas generators offers labs a complete GC detector and carrier gas solution, providing hydrogen, nitrogen or zero air at the push of a button

Increase your lab’s productivity  

Specifically designed for GC applications, Precision has been developed to improve workflow for labs. GC users currently using helium carrier gas can gain faster run times when switching to hydrogen gas, increasing the number of daily samples.

A comparison of Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis using ASTM method D6729 & D6729 appendix X2 shows run times can be reduced by as much as 40% when switching from helium to hydrogen. As helium costs increase and availability becomes more uncertain. A switch to hydrogen carrier gas allows you to take control of your gas supply, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Improve safety

Performing analyses with a cylinder as the main gas supply source can be a safety concern for labs due to the potential hazards associated with the manual handling of highly pressurised gas containers. If mishandled or in the event of a leak, a cylinder containing pressurised gas can pose explosive risks. Facilitating a safer working environment, Precision is the gas supply of choice for many labs using GC. The Precision units come with multiple integrated safety features, including internal leak detection and auto-shutdown, and all gases are stored at extremely low volumes and pressures, as gas is generated on demand to meet instrument need.

Save Space

Precision’s modular and space-saving design allows for a small laboratory footprint. Labs requiring more than one unit can easily stack Precision units on top, minimising the impact on your lab’s floor or bench space. With multiple flow rate and purity configurations available, build the Precision stack to match your lab’s GC needs.

Go Green

Operating your GC instrument with a Precision gas generator can make a huge difference to your lab’s impact on the environment. A Precision gas generator only requires a one-time delivery for installation. Once installed, your Precision gas generator stays in your lab, eliminating regular gas deliveries thereby reducing your labs overall carbon footprint. The processes by which hydrogen, nitrogen and air are produced is also energy efficient, requiring deionised water to generate hydrogen, and atmospheric air to generate nitrogen and air.

Have peace of mind

With over two decades’ worth of experience in innovating gas generator technology, Peak Scientific have developed robust and reliable nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators, providing your laboratory with a dependable gas generation solution that delivers long term value.  

Delivering exceptional product design, Peak Scientific also offers direct global on-site support that is with industry leading aftersales care from [Peak Protected]™. With Peak certified engineers located across the globe, on-site product support is never too far away.

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