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  • Innovative Pipetting Robot Recognised with 2020 North American Product Leadership Award

Innovative Pipetting Robot Recognised with 2020 North American Product Leadership Award

Oct 19 2020

Based on its recent analysis of the North American pipetting robot market for life sciences, Frost & Sullivan recognises Andrew Alliance SA with the 2020 North American Product Leadership Award. Andrew Alliance’s liquid handling robot, Andrew+, integrates robotic mechanisms with conventional laboratory pipettes to improve the repeatability of liquid handling. These easy-to-use robots and connected devices allow scientists and laboratory technicians to achieve repeatability, performance, and efficiency in their experiments. Andrew Alliance is one of the few companies worldwide to manufacture its products in an eco-friendly environment and use carbon-neutral electrical power.

The different components of the Andrew+ pipetting robot, such as single and multi-channel pipettes, a stand, and the cloud-based proprietary software OneLab, can communicate and share data with each other. Although competing products can communicate with their components as well, the communication must be performed using a wired framework, and the software is restricted to a private server. The Andrew+, on the other hand, can communicate with its electronic stand wirelessly using Bluetooth, and the stand is connected to the cloud using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, thereby helping the user remotely access the data related to the analysis performed by Andrew+ to ensure both traceability and repeatability.

"Andrew+ pipetting robot not only automates the liquid handling process but also gives users complete control over the workflow through the OneLab software platform. While its competitors offer pipettes with built-in software that can share only a set of pre-established protocols, the OneLab software lets Andrew+'s users design and share their own protocols," said Rohit Karthikeyan Industry Analyst. "OneLab is completely free of cost and hosted on the cloud, which gives users the flexibility to handle the robot from any personal computer or tablet."

Andrew Alliance ensures that users of its Andrew+ pipetting robot and OneLab software are always connected to its technical support experts, underscoring its focus on product reliability. In addition, the company guarantees top data quality and security of the OneLab software by making the protocols accessible only through secure user identification and access control. Andrew Alliance’s simplicity helps lab technicians with no knowledge of programming benefit from lab automation in the comfort of their homes, which is a vital advantage in the current era of remote working.

"Andrew Alliance, with its integrated portfolio of hardware and intuitive software, enables pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their R&D processes. It has designed its Andrew+ pipetting robot as a lightweight and affordable solution capable of integrating a wide range of products, such as Shaker+, Peltier+, and Magnet+, using the cloud-based OneLab platform," noted Karthikeyan. "A pioneer in the development of an open, connected lab ecosystem of the future, Andrew Alliance is a valuable pipetting automation partner to labs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid market acceptance. The award recognises the quality of the solution and the customer value enhancements it enables.

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