• Avidity Science Launches its New range of Intelligent Lab Water Systems

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Avidity Science Launches its New range of Intelligent Lab Water Systems

Jul 06 2021

Avidity Science has launched its new range of laboratory water purification systems, which complements and extends its existing product portfolio to meet the most demanding requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 waters in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or food and beverage production – challenging applications where performance standards are exacting and demonstrating compliance is critical.

The i-Series has been developed as a result of collaboration between several groups from across the company’s operations, with the following design principles at its core:

Information – all critical parameters are monitored continuously to provide the user with accurate, real-time indicators of the system’s performance and status via a touchscreen.

Intelligence – each model possesses the flexibility to cope with a variety of feed waters and there are multiple dispensing options available to suit different laboratory scenarios.

Integrity – operating data can quickly be retrieved and printed or exported to demonstrate water quality compliance and treatment cartridges are fully traceable which ensures correct usage.

Underpinning the range is the twin-pass reverse osmosis (RO) system which Avidity Science has introduced into laboratory water purifiers for the first time. This achieves a much higher ion rejection rate than standard RO, even with the most challenging of feed water qualities, and extends the lifetime of the deionization cartridges used to produce the ultra-pure Type 1 water needed by the most demanding applications.

Unlike many other lab water systems, the pre-treatment stage of the i-Series (which removes particulates and chlorine from feed water to protect the RO membrane) is not an afterthought but an integral part of the system. It offers flexibility in choosing the optimum treatment to suit the feed water and avoids the need for the addition of softeners before the RO stage. In keeping with the principles of information and integrity, the pre-treatment module also features a screen which continuously displays the status of the filtration and activated carbon cartridges.

Each model in the i-Series is designed to be easy to use and maintain while delivering optimum performance. Every cartridge is automatically recognised by the system when it is installed, so there is no chance of using either the wrong cartridge or one whose lifetime has expired. Once in service, the condition of each cartridge is actively monitored using the key parameters of flow rate, pressure, water quality and duration of service, which gives a precise guide as to when the cartridge should be changed that reflects its actual usage. This ensures that the water quality is always maintained and avoids unnecessary or premature replacement of consumables.

For many routine laboratory water applications, the original Avidity Science product range will continue to provide the same excellent standards of performance as in the past. However, for applications where regulatory compliance and quality control mandates a higher level of transparency and verified performance, the i-Series offers a robust and comprehensive solution that gives users complete peace of mind.

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