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High Volume Liquid Handling Workstation

Apr 01 2006

Visitors to SCIpharm 2006 were able to learn more about Caliper Life Sciences range of automated, robotic systems including the new Sciclone i1000 High Volume Liquid Handling Workstation. Alongside this will be Caliper's LabChip® 3000 Drug Discovery System and the LabChip 90 for Automated Electrophoresis. Additionally, with the recent acquisition of NovaScreen Biosciences, Caliper now combines established profiling and assay development services with proven LabChip and advanced liquid handling products to offer a central resource for drug discovery.

Caliper's Sciclone family of liquid handling workstations offers fast, reliable and scalable automation solutions for drug discovery applications. The high volume Caliper Sciclone i1000 is the latest addition to the range; its exclusive multi-MEMS technology provides accurate, independent control of 96 single-channel pipetting heads for exceptionally high volume applications. Each of its independently pipetting heads is capable of detecting microplate well liquid levels and measuring actual pipetted liquid volumes, regardless of temperature or viscosity.

The technologically advanced LabChip 3000 Microfluidic Screening System integrates and automates cell-based and enzymatic assays. High 'z prime' values, few false negatives or positives, analytical quality and reproducibility, and the ability to identify weak enzyme inhibitors, have resulted in widespread adoption of the system. Eliminating the need for time-consuming slab gel processes, the LabChip 90 Automated Electrophoresis system automates the entire gel procedure on to a microfluidic chip, generating quantitative sizing and concentration results.

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