• NEW automatic dispersing system for analysis of particle shape and size in suspensions and emulsions!

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NEW automatic dispersing system for analysis of particle shape and size in suspensions and emulsions!

May 31 2022

The proven Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer in combination with the NEW automatic and powerful wet dispersion is especially suitable for fine particles, poorly flowing, fine-agglomerating or sticky materials that do not react in water or other liquids.

Simple wet measurement

For perfect dispersion the sample material is fed into a closed liquid circulation system and is pumped with high power through the measuring cell between camera and LED strobe light. The continuously obtained images are the basis for the analysis with a variety of evaluation possibilities.

Choice of 3 lenses for highest resolution

For wet measurement, choose from 3 different bi-telecentric lenses for optimum adaptation of the total measuring range from 5 μm to 3 mm to your measuring task. In combination with the powerful industrial camera, they guarantee the highest accuracy of the imaging of each individual particle always at the same imaging scale and the highest shape accuracy with the greatest possible depth of field.

NEW: Wet dispersion system without deadspace

The first fully automatic wet dispersion unit that does completely without valves and moving seals in the sample circuit and for emptying the system. This makes it significantly more robust and virtually wear-free. And there are no hard-to-clean dead spaces in which dirt can become permanently lodged.

Separate ultrasonic box

If you frequently measure sample material that tends to agglomerate, you can additionally connect a powerful ultrasonic box to the wet dispersion unit. It enables an even ï¬Âner adjustment of the wet dispersion to the respective sample material.

The special features of the FRITSCH Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer and how it works – please have a look at the video.

Follow this link to see up-dated information on FRITSCH particle sizing technology – from Static Light Scattering to Dynamic Image Analysis.

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