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Low Retention Pipette Tips in Environmentally Friendly Racks

Jul 16 2021

Why use low retention tips?

The physiochemical properties of a liquid can make a significant impact on accuracy and precision, particularly at low volumes. Integra has developed Low Retention GripTips to work with its range of manual and electronic pipettes to ensure better handling of viscous and low surface tension liquids. Incorporating a unique polypropylene (PP) blend with increased hydrophobic properties, Low Retention GripTips allow users to confidently pipette low surface tension liquids - such as oils or solutions containing detergents - or viscous fluids that would adhere to the surface of standard pipette tips. The company’s blended PP approach prevents residues washing or leaching out with the sample and negatively impacting results.

How can ECO Racks save laboratory space?

Integra is offering Low Retention GripTips in its popular ECO Racks format. These racks significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in the lab and saves space -by stacking for storage and compressing for recycling. Now available for 12.5, 125, 300 and 1250 μl Low Retention GripTips - in both 96 and 384 tip configurations - these racks contain 60% less plastic, while maintaining the high standards that customers expect from Integra products. The ECO Racks can also be paired with the company’s one-of-a-kind, reusable PopTop Base for the most convenient pipetting experience.
Low Retention GripTips, like all GripTips, do not require excessive attachment and ejection forces - unlike universal pipette tips. The design of the GripTip ensures firm attachment and perfect alignment, and overcomes the common problem of leaking tips, or even tips completely falling off the pipette, regardless of how many side wall touch offs are performed.

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