• The Advantages of Viscosity Measurement Innovation

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The Advantages of Viscosity Measurement Innovation

Jun 08 2022

The EMS-1000S is an innovative viscometer that employs the ‘Electro Magnetically Spinning’ method. A small aluminium spherical probe is placed inside a sample and spun through the Lorentz force. The rotational speed of the probe at a given temperature is measured and is used to calculate the sample’s viscosity. Samples are measured using cost-effective, disposable tubes and probes, meaning contact-free measurement, zero clean up and no risk of equipment failure when using samples that harden during measurement. The autoclavable tube suits sterile samples and can be hermetically sealed for measurement under anaerobic conditions. The EMS-1000S can measure samples as low as 90µL in volume, ideal for the analysis and reuse of scarce and expensive samples. The instrument can maintain samples at between 0 to 200ºC (stability: ±0.1ºC), and by utilising the appropriate probe for your sample, can measure in the viscosity range of 0.1 to 1,000,000mPa·s, accommodating low viscosity samples and eliminating the need for different rotors. Parameters can be set in the accompanying software for the analysis of shear rate and temperature dependence of viscosity in real-time. All these features and advantages translate to the EMS-1000S having great applications for the research and development of ionic liquids (e.g. low viscosity assessment over wide temperature range in inert gas conditions), pharmaceuticals/diagnostic agents (e.g. concentration dependence studies of sterile protein samples), polymer and petroleum products (e.g. temperature dependence of viscosity), food products (e.g. viscosity and texture/mouthfeel, viscosity during thickening and gelatinisation), and more.

For more on the fantastic features and useful applications of this powerful viscometer, please visit the EMS-1000S website and make sure to contact Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co Ltd with any questions and to organise a demonstration.

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