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We’re experts in laboratory equipment

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LaboGene™ is a Danish Company that specialises in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory and industrial equipments in the fields of Clean Air & Laminar Flow, Vacuum & Cooling and Centrifugation.

Clean Air & Laminar Flow
ScanLaf represents the best in Class II and laminar flow cabinets with the advantage of low energy consumption, digital control and ergonomic design. The Industrial ScanLaf program offers a range of Down Flow modules and enclosures for powder and animal handling as well Air showers and Glove boxes, all of which can be produced to Customers specifications. We offer today’s laboratories and research facilities ergonomic designs which incorporate the latest in energy saving technology, environmental and personal protection and the assurance of conformity to all the required National and International standards, TUV, NSF etc. A truly unique bespoke portfolio!

Vacuum & Cooling
ScanVac the brand that exemplifies expertise and the very best of equipments for Freeze Drying, Speed Vacuum Concentration and Cold Traps.
A range of small and large capacity Freeze Dryers & Cold Traps offering faster drying speeds, lowest temperatures, easy maintenance free operation and a wide range of chambers and accessories. High Performance, Environmentally Friendly, Convenience and Comfort and Economical are the key words that describe these equipments.Bench Top models with either -55 ºC to -110 ºC condenser temperatures and 4, 9 or 15 liter capacities and 2 Floor standing models with 80 liter condensers at -55 ºC or -90 ºC, offered as Basic, PRO or Superior versions with full microprocessor programming for time, temperature and pressure with optional pressure regulation or documentation or control by computer. Accessories include a range of acrylic chambers with racks & shelves, with or without electric heating and stoppering and manifolds for flasks and ampoules for all types of applications

ScanSpeed a NEW range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene A/S, from simple separation to sequencing, discover the ideal centrifuge and accessories for your every day needs and your research programs from the ScanSpeed range.

  • Low Speed
  • High Speed
  • Refrigerated & Non-Refrigerated

    "A revolution in centrifuge design and quality is the hallmark of ScanSpeed Centrifuges"

All models exhibit the core features of:

  • Quiet operation
  • Unique internal air flow design
  • Refrigerated with cool down to 4° C in 5 minutes
  • Easy to follow display & controls
  • Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
  • Automatic detection & alarms for excess weight, speed & heating
  • Safety lid lock & lid – drop protection
  • Emergency door lock release
  • Autoclavable & corrosion resistant rotors with symmetrical numbering
  • High quality cabinets with scratch resistant powder coated finish
  • CE-marked

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