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  • Uniform Well To Well Plate Temperaature Consistency

Uniform Well To Well Plate Temperaature Consistency

May 04 2021

MéCour designs all of its Thermal Inserts specific to your particular plate type without exception. Inserts are also designed to hold a variety of small tubes, cryovials, and reagent/media reservoirs to further assist in the overall thermal management of your samples throughout a work flow process.

MéCour created the concept of Thermal Inserts for plate consumables over 20 years ago per the suggestion of a valued customer who required more flexibility with the different plate types her staff used. So, we began to collect the end-user consumables and designed the Insert to perfectly accommodate the underside of the specific plate. The objective was to eliminate the dead air gap between plate wells and thermal surface, which remains constant today. Every consumable is reviewed and designed with this goal in mind to assist in eliminating “edge effects”; inconsistent well to well temperature consistency and to increase highly reproduceable results that reduce costly sample waste due to erratic well to well distortions in sample integrity.

Regardless of temperature and plate or tube capacities, MéCour provides the Thermal Insert that suits your particular work flow requirements. All MéCour Inserts are SBS compliant and fit any plate nest for standard SBS compliant consumables. Thermal Inserts provide the opportunity to utilise a number of different plate or tube inserts to properly support your work flow requirements whether it’s a benchtop or automated application.

There are No “universal, one size fits all” type Inserts produced by MéCour simply due to the wide range of plate manufacturers and their particular designs for the underside of the plates.

Eliminate the costly and exhausting need to pre-cool or freeze plates and tube samples so they survive the time required to finish the work flow. The inserts will sustain the samples at required temperature(s) throughout process via placement on a MéCour thermal unit surface or they can easily integrate with thermal electric devices.

Our systems enable you to conduct sample prep at 37°C or higher temperatures and then precisely cool and/or freeze samples to as low as -90°C. Precise management of temperature ramping as tight as 0.1° per minute or hour is realized. Reverse procedures can be performed, thawing the samples at the same precise rate per your specifications.

MéCour offers a full range of thermal units that accommodate media/reagent bottles or reservoirs that will support your application. Any of these units can integrate with stir plates or shakers

Significantly improve your end results via highly reproduceable thermal management MéCour systems built to exactly what you need. MéCour technology effectively removes temperature as a concern in assay precision by facilitating assay optimization, qualification, and validation efforts. Simply provide your specifications, and we will produce a solution to meet your exact needs.

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