• High Capacity Mass Comparators and Balances up to 5,400 KG
    The large colour touchscreen of the XK-KC high capacity mass comparators and balances enables fast and error-less operation. The weighing information can be read from a distance, and it offers different connectivity and adaptation options.
  • XK-KC mass comparators enable mass laboratories and calibration service providers to perform demanding high-performance applications.
  • XK-KC comparators conquer extreme weighing challenges with high accuracy. Even demanding applications such as filling gas cylinders, calibrating flowmeters, weighing high-speed train wheels, and weighing artifacts up to 5 tons are handled with ease.

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High Capacity Mass Comparators and Balances up to 5,400 KG

Sep 23 2021

Versatile weight calibration from 0.05 mg up to 5400 kg

Have you ever tried to weigh tiny quantities into a heavy container, e.g. different gases for a specific gas mixture directly into a heavy gas cylinder? Mettler-Toledo’s recently launched XK-KC product line offers not only highest precision for mass calibrations up to 5’400 kg but also the perfect solution for such challenging high-load weighing applications.

Highest accuracy up to 5400 kg 

The XK-KC high capacity mass comparators and balances conquer the challenges of demanding high-load applications that require the highest precision. Typical applications for the XK-KC range are mass calibrations up to 5,400 kg, gas filling, flowmeter calibration and abrasion determination of heavy-wear parts. 

Accomplish demanding calibrations and mass determination at peak accuracy and with minimal uncertainty. XK-KC High Capacity Comparators/Balances offer top readability and excellent repeatability at high loads. The unparalleled performance is perfect for weighing applications where the smallest differences in heavy weights have to be determined.

Thanks to the bright colour touchscreen, operation is intuitive and easy, and the large figures can be read easily from a distance. The centring aid enables you to place items precisely in the right place on the weighing platform to ensure the highest repeatability. XK-KC comparators are constructed from high-grade steel to reduce magnetic influences and ensure long-lasting accurate performance. 

Download the Datasheet and discover the impressive technical specifications of the XK-KC high performance comparators/balances.

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