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Simple and Powerful for Biomedical Laboratories

Jul 10 2024

The LabGard® NU-543E biosafety cabinet maximizes return on investment for laboratories.

Making the best investment in containment means choosing equipment that is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership over the long term but continues to provide effective protection over that time. For biosafety cabinets, one key factor in this total cost of ownership is how often its HEPA filters must be replaced so it can maintain airflow.

Biosafety cabinets can be engineered to minimize the frequency of filter changes, but how?

The LabGard biosafety cabinet is designed using an optimally sized DC ECM motor / fan system to move airflow into the permanently mounted flexible HEPEX plenum with equal pressure, distributing particles evenly onto the upstream side of the HEPA filter. Even filter loading promotes uniform downflow velocity and extends HEPA filter life. Meanwhile, the motor speed can be increased to compensate for this filter loading and continue to push the airflow through at the required speed for a long time thanks to its power and efficiency.

The FlowGard control system calculates and displays a simple and clear readout of the inflow based on the data input from the exhaust sensor for a day to day look at cabinet performance. The work zone features LED lighting and a dished, one-piece work surface with prop rods that retains spills on the surface while remaining easy to clean under. Finally, you can configure your cabinet with your choice of single or double exhaust HEPA filters, glass or steel sidewalls, and a broad range of base stands to meet your lab’s needs.  

Note: Shown with optional features.

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