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Worry-free Sample Concentration for PFAS Analysis

Aug 03 2021

Eliminating cross contamination in per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) analysis can pose a challenge for analytical laboratories. Since PFAS are so prevalent in everyday items and lab equipment, contamination concerns exist across sampling, sample preparation, and even analysis. Common sources of PFAS contamination in sample preparation equipment include Teflon components and tubing, Teflon tape to prevent leaks in gas fittings, and fluoropolymer coatings to protect against solvent damage. You may even find that older equipment with no PTFE parts is contributing to background PFAS levels just from past assays.

In response to this challenge, Organomation has developed a line of PFAS-free benchtop evaporators to simplify your sample preparation. Our instruments are made from high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum for protection against common solvents. Instead of Teflon tape, a silicone-based PFAS-free thread sealant prevents gas leaks without introducing contamination to the system. Other materials used include polypropylene, silicone, and nitrile rubber for a long-lasting unit that will simplify your analysis rather than making it more complicated.

Organomation’s most popular PFAS-free concentrator, the 12 Position N-EVAP, is a compact benchtop evaporator that can handle up to 12 small volume samples at once. This concentrator is recommended in current EPA and FDA methods for PFAS determination. The N-EVAP concentrators include a heated water bath and nitrogen gas distribution manifold to gently concentrate sample extracts. Samples are held in place with adjustable spring technology, allowing the concentrator to accommodate a wide range of tubes and vials. This flexible sample holder design is ideal for use with emerging contaminants such as PFAS where methods are still in development and may be subject to change.

Organomation has been a trusted name in sample concentration since 1959. For more information on our evaporators for PFAS analysis, please click here.

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