• Introducing Double Stack Units for Twice the Sterilising Capacity
    Priorclave has introduced a new range of front-loading, stackable autoclaves.

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Introducing Double Stack Units for Twice the Sterilising Capacity

Jul 09 2021

Priorclave’s Double-stack, research-grade laboratory autoclaves allows lab managers the option, in a given area, to significantly increase the sterilising load throughput of a similar make-up at any one time.

Alternatively, they can run two different sterilising programmes concurrently for loads requiring different process settings.
This new range of front-loading, stackable autoclaves introduces the dual EH150 model, a 150-litre chamber design, and the dual EH200, a 200-litre chamber capacity model. Lab managers considering a 300 litre or 400 litre chamber now have the opportunity to invest in smaller dual 150 or 200 litre laboratory autoclave configurations, which allows greater flexibility to scheduling waste and equipment sterilisation and saves on floor space. 

Each individual sterilising chamber has its own updated TACTROL®3 control panel in a clear LCD display. In addition to the simple to use day to day operation of previous versions, with Start, Vent and Door buttons, the updated controller provides a more simplistic approach to function settings. Altogether, it achieves exact control and delivers information on cycle process to carry out unsurpassed sterilisation efficiency.

The Tactrol®3 controller also provides full setting security, managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for sensitive environments where pre-programs need to be kept tamperproof. These would include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy as well as critical research centres.  

Settings and viewing of functions are simply accessed through a five keypad and displayed on the high-resolution LCD display panel, the display is not touchscreen type. This has significant advantages for laboratory sector since settings can be made and checked without having to remove protective gloves. 

Now with added sterilising capacity, the lab has the option to use both chambers to concurrently manage the same type of waste, giving a maximum load of 300/400 litres or a series of single 150/200 litre loads starting as and when items become available. A huge bonus is that the new stackable autoclaves enable laboratory staff to sterilise both waste and medium at the same time.

Using a single autoclave to cope with different programs can cause serious delays and create potentially unsafe bottlenecks within a laboratory or cleanroom. The alternative to achieving this flexibility is the purchase of two separate machines; the obvious downside is that double the floor space is required. For laboratories where space is accountable this can be a costly option, not only in required footprint but could that space be better utilised.  Hence the real alternative, stackable autoclaves from Priorclave.

Priorclave’s EH150 and EH200 stackable laboratory autoclaves join a comprehensive range of sterilisers manufactured by a company that has achieved global success within many industries sectors including education, life sciences, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, food and drink, dairy and brewing.  

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