• Automated Lab Systems & Solutions for Sample Processing using Block Digestion, Microwave Oven and Ashing
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Automated Lab Systems & Solutions for Sample Processing using Block Digestion, Microwave Oven and Ashing

Jul 08 2019

Questron Technologies is a Canadian world supplier of quality sample-prep and sample-digestion instrumentation based in Mississauga, Ontario. Since the late 1990’s, we have been at the forefront of innovations in robotics and automation instrumentation used in sample testing by analytical laboratories everywhere.

We sell our products worldwide, chiefly in the mining, agriculture, environmental, and food sample analysis applications. Our team of experienced engineers and application specialists are always on the lookout for enhancements in our standard products, as well as handling customised designs for special and unique sample prep needs.

Our flagship products are as follows:

  • Vulcan series, our automated workstation which combines the two essential steps of sample preparation; digestions and aliquot transfer. It can prepare the samples to be analysed by transferring an aliquot of the digestate to an autosampler rack which is then ready to be analysed.
  • Nitron - High-Temperature Automated Sample Digestion and Dispensing System for laboratories. It is designed for routine and customisable methods that require heating up to 400°C. Hence it is ideal for automating applications involving acids like sulphuric and phosphoric acid.
  • QLab Pro & QWave provides versatility, safety, productivity in closed and open vessel microwave digestions, microwave extraction, microwave evaporation and microwave synthesis system.
  • QPrep Liquid transfer and dilutions workstation provides an integrated solution for precise sample Laboratory dilutions, Liquid Transfers, dispensing and other Automated Liquid Handling Systems functions for the laboratory.

Application for testing Ash & Metal content by Questron Technologies Corp

Ash Content in Rubber Products

(ASTM D4574 - 06 / ISO 247) 

 Ash content of rubber provides direct estimate of amount of fillers present. Amount of filter present is the crucial parameter in deterring physical properties of rubber. Ashing of organic reach and hard to break down products like rubber in traditional furnace requires long durations, sometimes ashing proceeds overnight as well. The long times required for ashing are typically due to lack of oxygen for oxidation around samples.  QAsh 1800 , our microwave ashing system from Questron speeds up ashing for organic reach samples up to 10-fold. QAsh 1800 heats faster to desired temperatures using microwave energy. It has software-controlled air inlet in heating chamber which provides oxygen at desired rate and drives away the gases produced during ashing. QAsh will ash rubber faster and provide consistent ash contents.

Determination of Metal Content in Rubber by Spectroscopy

(ASTM D4004 - 06 / ISO/DIS 6101-6)

By and large two approaches are adopted while determining the Metal content of rubber. 

Analysing ash: Ashing is convenient way to get rid of organic matter and to break down the complex matters. Depending on nature of ash, it can be digested using acid. Acid treatment of ash can be carried out in QBlock series of heating blocks or QLabPro, the microwave digestion system. 

Wet Ashing / Charring: Treating rubber with sulphuric acid at 400 ∞C followed by nitric acid is another approach adopted to obtain clear solutions for analysing it on an analytical instrument of choice.

Automation: If you have need to process large number of samples and looking for handling reagents safely Vulcan, the automated digestion system can take care of high throughput requirement in laboratories.

We are a friendly, accommodating manufacturer rooted in our engineering background with a can-do attitude. Enquire from our sales department about your custom applications in microwave-assisted heating and laboratory automation projects.

  • Visit us at QTechCorp.com or email us at sales@qtechcorp.com for more information.

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