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Accomplishing Weighing Tasks Proficiently

Jun 22 2006

Sartorius Ltd balances are synonymous with performance and operating reliability. This also applies to the new LA Reference laboratory balances. Ideal interaction between the display, eye, control panel and hand provides for error-free, proficient weighing, even in complex procedures. This is supported by the user-friendly control keys with positive click action, a clearly structured user interface with understandable prompts in a choice of languages, and an easy-to-read display featuring optimized contrast.

The new series of laboratory balances offers an exceptionally wide selection of models - 31 in total - ranging from balances for weighing accurately to 0.1 mg to those featuring a capacity of 64 kg. The display and control unit can be set up separately for remote control, giving the user a high degree of flexibility.

The new LA Reference excels by its absolute reliability, ruggedness in withstanding tough daily use in labs and maximum resolution. The sturdy-built metal housing and the incorporated monolithic weigh cell that is extremely resistant to interference attest to the balance's rugged design. Both the weighing pan and the weighing chamber base plate are made of high-grade stainless steel that is chemically compatible and easy to clean. The keypad overlay is also exceptionally resilient thanks to its high chemical resistance.
The special coating on the control keys ("bubble keys") even lets scratches disappear. Thus, the LA Reference remains "unfazed" even when subjected to demanding requirements in daily routine lab work.

The LA Reference incorporates display technology that is cool in the literal sense of the word. This makes the analytical models of this series more impervious to installation and ambient conditions because the influence of heat emanating from the display (radiation and convection from thermal dissipation loss) on the microclimate inside the draft shield chamber can be markedly reduced. Different temperature layers inside the draft shield and the associated interference in the readout can be avoided to the greatest extent possible. This is ensured by the large draft shield chamber that offers even tall or voluminous lab containers ample room to fit completely inside.

The software package of standard built-in applications supports users both in their daily routines and in their not-so-common lab tasks. Examples of these applications are determination of the minimum sample weight according to the United States Pharmacopeia and continuous display of the uncertainty of measurement according to the stringent German Calibration Service DKD.

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