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MALDI-8020: Enhanced laboratory efficiency

Jun 03 2020

Shimadzu’s linear benchtop MALDI mass spectrometer offers excellent performance in a compact footprint. Well-designed, durable components make the system a robust and reliable platform that is easy to maintain.

The MALDI-8020 is perfectly suitable for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, and for research and contract laboratories in science and industry. As mass spectrometry is increasingly used in clinical applications, the MALDI-8020 is ideal for researchers developing MALDI-based diagnostic methods. Specific applications of the MALDI-8020 include the analysis of proteins/peptides, lipids, carbohydrates in life science analysis or quality and synthesis control of polymers.

The very easy-to-operate instrument applies the user-friendly MALDI Solutions software which supports a large number of applications. The system is intuitive to apply, offers security features, supports audit trails and user management .The user interface makes it easy to learn, even for beginners new to mass spectrometry applications. Additional software is available to assist users with a wide range of questions.

Further progress in biotechnology and clinical diagnostics

Life science solutions from Shimadzu integrate new concepts in instrumental analysis with cutting-edge technologies. In addition to imaging mass spectrometry of biological tissues, optimal equipment is available for DNA/RNA analysis and N-terminal protein sequencing using the Edman degradation. Due to the direct connection of fully automated modules for sample preparation with mass spectrometers, the functionality of the laboratory is increased.

Special benefits of the MALDI-8020

The MALDI-8020 increases laboratory efficiency and makes analysis faster with a load-lock chamber for rapid sample entry and a solid-state laser for rapid data acquisition. Other features are:

  • Outstanding fast pumping or in and out times of the sample targets (1.5 min) cut long waiting times when changing the targets. This is especially interesting for method optimisation and higher sample throughputs.
  • The special design of the laser focusing feature in the ion source increases the sensitivity. Therefore, higher sensitivities are possible for sample measurements. Furthermore, this design reduces the contamination of the source, which minimises maintenance costs.
  • Patented, automatic source cleaning using UV laser requires only 8 minutes, and removes impurities at the ion input.
  • Integrated barcode reader: When using the “SampleStation/AuraSolution” software option, registered users can create a “worklist” containing positions and information of the samples to be analysed. In the next step, the barcode reader can be used to determine the relevant target or target ID. Subsequently, the generated “worklist” is automatically assigned and evaluated to match the scanned target ID. For example, a target can be connected to a patient or the like without the risk of mixing up samples.

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