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Shimadzu: UV-Vis analysis on the next level

Nov 03 2020

Shimadzu has released six new UV-VIS spectrophotometer models under a new UV-i Selection brand. These instruments are equipped as standard with the LabSolutions UV-Vis analytical data system for UV-VIS spectrophotometers. The UV-i Selection systems offer a highly user-friendly operability, automated analysis of multiple samples and other features to satisfy a broad spectrum of customer needs.

The six models are the UV-1900i, UV-2600i, UV-2700i, UV-3600i Plus, SolidSpec-3700i and SolidSpec-3700i DUV. The letter “i” stands for

  • the “intelligence” to determine automatically whether samples pass or fail criteria, relieving users from the tedium of repetitive quality control steps
  • “innovation” covering automatic measurement to improve operating efficiency
  • “informatics” meaning improved data analysis efficiency and stronger data management functionality.

The UV-i Selection series provides new product features which are common to all models. They increase efficiency in multi-faceted ways, such as quality control, automation and time-saving as well as data management functionalities:

Automatic pass/fail determination for improved efficiency
Systems are equipped as standard with a spectral evaluation function that can determine automatically whether data satisfies specified criteria. The function helps to improve the efficiency of quality control operations by eliminating the steps of manual data analysis otherwise required after acquisition of spectra.

Automatic measurement for improved operating efficiency
By connecting an autosampler unit, the system can analyze up to 360 samples automatically. Used in combination with the spectral evaluation function, the entire process including pass/fail determination can be fully automated.

Improved data analysis efficiency and stronger data management
Data can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet in real time or saved simultaneously as a text file. This reduces the time spent sending data to separate software for data analysis. Also, Shimadzu’s LabSolutions software includes advanced security functionality for solutions compliant with electronic records and electronic signature (ER/ES) regulations.

The UV-i Selection spectrophotometers serve a broad spectrum of applications. The instruments cover wavelengths from deep ultra-violet up to Near-Infrared range, reaching from 165 – 3,300 nm. They also offer high-sensitivity and fast analysis, and a large diversity of measurement modes.

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