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  • High Performance Rotary Evaporator Combines Usability and Efficiency

High Performance Rotary Evaporator Combines Usability and Efficiency

Oct 30 2020

The STRIKE 20 is a 20L rotary evaporator from Wiggens that is designed for industrial systems and R&D purposes. It meets all process needs using 3.3 borosilicate glass and PTFE which allows aggressive substances treatment. The system works efficiently both under vacuum and any ambient conditions. The rotation of the 6, 10 or 20 litre evaporation flasks inside the heating bath results in forced convection and homogenous distribution of the product, preventing sedimentation while ensuring a high evaporation exchange surface. Perfect vacuum tightness and no maintenance is guaranteed due to the sealing system.

Glassware can be tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

Strike 20 is supplied with an optional transparent protection shield for the evaporation flask. Ultimate protection from evaporation flask breakage and spray during high temperature processes is ensured due to the uniquely shaped and robust shield. The heating bath and the protective shield are lifted by an electronically monitored system. An automatic system lowers the heating bath should instances of power failure, overheating or any other safety concerns occur. Strike 20 is supplied with a rupture disk, a safety device, positioned on the glassware to prevent overpressure. An excellent feature of Strike 20 is its sealing system, made of self-lubricating material, which allows a tight vacuum seal. This sealing system does not require any maintenance. The heating bath, lifted by means of a powered system in case of power failure or alarms, goes automatically down to prevent fluid overheating, causing immediate cessation of the process. An enhanced 3Kw electric heater ensures continuous evaporation of a wide range of products, even in critical working conditions. All process operating parameters can be set and monitored on a 7" touch-screen display.

Applications include distillation (continuous and discontinuous), solvent recycling, reflux process reactions, component drying, fine chemical synthesis, crystallisation, extractions, purifications, R&D studies and scale-down processes.

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