• Calibrex™ bottle-top dispensers – safe dispensing of lab reagents

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Calibrex™ bottle-top dispensers – safe dispensing of lab reagents

May 10 2022

Calibrex™ bottle-top dispensers – safe dispensing of lab reagents

The CalibrexTM bottle-top dispensers from Socorex are robust precision instruments intended for a safe and reproducible liquid distribution. The line covers 7 volume ranges: 0.1-1 / 0.25-2.5 / 0.5-5 / 1-10 / 2.5-25 / 5-50 / 10-100 mL. There are two models offering a real choice depending on individual requirements in the laboratory.

CalibrexTM organo 525 includes a ground glass or ceramic plunger, both well suited for organics and non-crystallizing solutions.

CalibrexTM solutae 530 has a PFA coated glass or ceramic plunger for trouble free distribution of salt solutions, weak and strong acids and bases.

Volume setting with a spring-loaded sliding cursor softly moves up and down along dual scale. Optional flow control stopcock for dispenser priming, reagent is recycled into the bottle without loss or contamination. Valves, plunger, barrel and delivery jet are removable in seconds for cleaning or replacement. Printed QR code bring instant access to chemical resistance chart. Fully autoclavable at 121°C.

Access to calibration mechanism protected by safety seal sticker. Integrated key is located under plunger cap. Each dispenser with own serial number. Stringent quality control attested by an individual certificate. Two-year warranty.

Various accessories extend working possibilities with CalibrexTM dispenser. The 60 cm flexible extension tubing allowing easy distribution of the liquid in tube rows. This is very convenient for preparing dilution series.

When the instrument is placed on a small bottle, it may lack stability. The use of the stand is recommended to increase stability and to eliminate risk of instrument tipping. If bottles of different sizes are used with the same dispenser, the telescopic tubing is an ideal solution that will always fit whatever the bottle size.

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