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Solving industrial challenges with benchtop NMR

Aug 03 2021

Benchtop NMR can be used to solve a broad range of industrial challenges from R&D to process development and finally to quality control in multiple industries.

Visit our website to learn more about industrial problem solving with benchtop NMR through a series of articles, application notes and free on-demand webinars in the following areas:

Process and Reaction Monitoring: Being able to measure the chemistry of your processes as it progresses is key to developing deeper understanding of reaction dynamics. This allows processes to be optimised and the quality of product to be maintained.

Polymers and Material Catalysts: Understanding chemistry and molecular structure is important in understanding the performance of polymeric materials. NMR provides a wide range of crucial data including copolymer composition, degree of polymerisation, cross link density, and more, right in your lab.

Batteries and Fuel Cells: Multi-nuclei NMR is a powerful technique for battery electrolytes analysis - from qualifying raw materials purity and characterising new formulations to identifying contaminants and breakdown products in manufacturing.

Textiles: NMR spin finish analysers quantify the spin finish of oil-based coatings on synthetic fibres to optimise manufacturing processes without needing wet chemistry methods or skilled personnel.

Food and Agriculture: QA/QC NMR analyser measurements include solid fat content and droplet size in dairy products and oil and fat in snack foods. In addition, they verify food authenticity to prevent food fraud. In agriculture, measurement of oil and moisture in seed harvests is fast and accurate.

Pharmaceuticals and Drug Testing: Benchtop NMR spectroscopy now enables structural elucidation of small molecules and active ingredients (API) used in the pharma industry. Illicit and counterfeit pharmaceutical and street drugs can be identified and matched to databases.

Oil and Gas Exploration: In the field of rock core analysis for oil and gas exploration, benchtop NMR makes complex measurements routine. Measurements such as capillary pressure, gas isotherms and wettability can be carried out with NMR faster and with more data than with conventional techniques.

Biopharmaceuticals: Benchtop NMR is an emerging technique in the field of biopharmaceuticals. Recent work in time domain NMR has shown the applicability of the technique for both quality control and formulation development.

Our X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer provides practical solutions in many fields, from understanding diffusion in battery electrolytes to determining the structure of small molecule pharmaceuticals. The unique combination of true multi-nuclei broadband NMR on the bench combined with flow and variable temperature capabilities, allows the X-Pulse to greatly extend the range of potential benchtop NMR applications. Our comprehensive range of time domain NMR instruments, including the MQC+ QA/QC analyser, MQR, and GeoSpec, has been ensures production quality in many industries including food, agriculture, textiles, pharma, and petrochemical, and we continue to find exciting new practical applications.

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