Lab Asia 29.3 - June 2022


In This Edition


- The analysis of volatile fatty acids by Headspace GC-FID
- Evaluation of Recovery of Basic Analytes Using a Mixed-Mode Strong Cation Exchange SPE Microplate by HPLC-MS

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Reflectance Spectroscopy - A Useful Technique for Analysing Solid Samples
- Quantitative Transmission Raman Method Development

Laboratory Products

- Quality Control for the Pharmaceutical Industry
- Stackable Microplates for Space Optimisation
- Flexible Device for High Pressure Chemical Reaction Screening

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Diamond Celebrates Transformational Upgrade and Picture History
- International Microscopy Lecture Series
- RMS Early Career Award Winner Revealed


- Sample Preparation & Processing
- Proteomics, Genomics & Microarrays
- Reagents, Reference Materials & Laboratory Chemicals
- Refractometry & Polarimetry


- Study Pinpoints how Fatty Liver Disease Increases Vascular Disease Risk
- Udit K Singh Appointed as CEO of ACG Inspection

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Lab Asia 29.6 Dec

December 2022

In This Edition Chromatography - Optimising Viral Vector Purification Strategies with Multimodal Chromatography - Key UHPLC Characteristics Required for High throughput LC-MS - New Low Volu...

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