• New Module for the Mfp-3dtm Atomic Force Microscope

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New Module for the Mfp-3dtm Atomic Force Microscope

Nov 08 2006

Asylum Research, a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes(AFMs), announces the availability of the new NanoIndenter module for use with the Asylum Research MFP3D AFM System.

The NanoIndenter is the first commercially available product to bridge the gap between conventionalnanoindenters and AFMs. Unlike cantilever-based nanoindenters (AFMs), the NanoIndenter drives the nanoindenting tip perpendicular to the sample. And unlike conventional nanoindenters, tip displacement andforce are measured with the MFP-3D AFM's optical detector and the patent-pending NPSTM Nanopositioning sensors. This combination results in exquisite force and positioning sensitivity. This allows repeatableimaging, quantitative feature measurement, reliable and accurate imaging offsets, quantitative force curves, and incredibly precise positioning for manipulation and lithography.

The NanoIndenter easily fits on the MFP-3D AFM head for easy viewing of the sample. It is available in twomodels, Standard and Low Force. The module comes with three standard sample mounts, small, medium and large. Measurements and surface characterization can be done on many different materials including thin films,coatings, polymers, etc. The NanoIndenter is ideal for a variety of applications including the elastic and inelastic behavior of materials; dislocation phenomena; fractures in ceramics; mechanical behavior of metals, thinfilms, ceramics, bone, biomaterials, residual stresses; and time dependent mechanical characteristics in soft metals and polymers.

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