• New Filter Sets for 15 Fluorescent Proteins

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New Filter Sets for 15 Fluorescent Proteins

Apr 05 2007

Omega Optical recently introduced fifteen new filter sets for the rapidly growing library of fluorescent proteins and applications. This makes Omega's product line for fluorescent proteins the largest in the world. New filter set solutions are now available for Invitrogen's Vivid Colors, Clontech's Living Colors, and MBL's Coral Hues as well as the fluorescent proteins developed in the lab of Dr. Roger Tsien at University of California San Diego.

Fluorescent proteins (FP) are increasingly popular because of their usefulness in live cell imaging applications. Because live cell experiments are typically light starved, optimized filter sets must deliver high signal-to-noise. All of Omega's FP filter sets are manufactured using proprietary ALPHA technology, which produces extremely steep slopes and accurate band placement, for maximizing excitation and emission energy and for minimizing background.

With the addition of these new sets, Omega now has optimized sets for a total of 35 proteins. Clontech's Living Colors product line includes 9 proteins derived from the reef coral Anthozoa. Invitrogen's Vivid Color products include 10 proteins manufactured from the jellyfish Aequoria Victoria. MBL's Coral Hue proteins include both standard and photoactivated proteins developed in collaboration with Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki at RIKEN in Japan. In addition, Dr. Roger Tsien's lab at UCSD has described 10 new protein clones in the scientific literature, known by their colorful fruity names. Omega works closely with fluorophore companies and researchers to design optimized filter sets for each new research-viable protein that is developed.

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