• How to use a total workflow sample prep approach to optimise elemental analysis
    Workflow in elemental analysis.

Sample Preparation

How to use a total workflow sample prep approach to optimise elemental analysis

Jun 06 2024

Over the years, laboratories have transitioned from AA to ICP-OES and ICP-MS to increase productivity, improve data quality, and meet new regulations. At the same time, sample preparation has also evolved moving from relatively rudimentary open-vessel digestion to advanced closed vessel digestion marked by technologies like contactless temperature control and advanced vessel designs allowing higher temperatures and pressures.

These advances have led to improved digestion times, quality, blanks, and safety. While the digestion step attracts the most attention in the preparation process, there are other equally important steps in the total workflow that should be considered, some of which may be unexpected in scope and scale.

A Milestone e-book download is available from Analytix that presents a ‘total workflow’ approach to sample preparation and examines the ways to improve key aspects of elemental analysis via an optimisation of the following steps: Acid supply and quality, reagent addition, vessel handling, microwave digestion, sample filtering, and labware cleaning.

As well as the key aspects, the e-book also offers practical advice for preventing workflow disruptions such as incomplete digestions or sample contamination that restrict a laboratory from meeting overall performance, costs, and safety goals. Also included are direct links to videos, technology reports, multiple webinars, and two case studies where employing the ‘total workflow’ approach has resulted in lower costs and time saving benefits plus reduced errors and contamination.

Analytix can provide solutions from Milestone for each step of the sample preparation ‘total workflow’ approach that will have a meaningful impact on laboratory elemental analysis. These solutions aid improved sample processing times, improved quality of results by reducing detection limits, and improved efficiency by optimising operator time and cost per sample.

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