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In Case of Emergency - Break Glass!

Mar 13 2006

Author: Richard Vaughton, Managing Director, Biohit Ltd on behalf of Biohit OY

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Does your thumb ache? Does your wrist ache? Do you have sharp shooting pains up your arm? Does your back ache? Does your neck ache? Perhaps you are developing an Upper Limb Disorder (ULD) caused by repetitive work, more commonly referred to as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Since 1995 (over 10 years ago) Biohit has been preaching the benefits of their products? design; superb accuracy and precision, lightweight pleasing design for ease of use and to reduce the force needed to pipette and eject a tip. Now nearly every pipette manufacturer and distributor uses this argument to promote their products! With mass promotion however comes dilution of the message and false acceptance that all products are equal in this department. All products are not equal and the design or engineering of the various products have taken many different approaches to reducing these stresses. As an example, Biohit have used an extension spring, as opposed to a compression spring on their new mLINE. It is easier to pull a spring apart than to continually compress it, therefore thumb pressure is significantly lower. On the Biohit eLINE, the patented electronic tip ejection avoids any risk of RSI (Figure 1). How many other pipettes can claim this?

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