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Automated Analysis of Canister Air and Gas - A Cryogen-free Solution

Feb 10 2012

Author: Dr Nicola Watson on behalf of Markes International Ltd

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With growing concern over the harmful effects of long-term exposure to low levels of hazardous air pollutants, there is increasing demand for analytical laboratories to detect ever-lower levels of analyte concentrations in canister air. At the same time, canisters are increasingly used for applications other than ambient air analysis, such as soil gas and vapour intrusion studies. Traditional canister analytical technologies are challenged by the ever-wider range of analytes and concentrations of interest. For example, high-concentration samples have typically required dilution before analysis, increasing analytical uncertainty and risking introduction of contaminants. Conventionally, systems have also had to be dedicated to either high- or low-concentration analysis.
The CIA Advantage has been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional cryogen-cooled technology for canister air analysis and provide compatibility with both high- and low-concentration samples on a single analytical platform, even in a single automated sequence. Two CIA Advantage models are available. The CIA Advantage-T uses a mass-flow controller for accurate sampling of large volumes, making it ideal for analysing trace-level components. The CIA Advantage-HL model has the added capability of loop (low-volume) sampling, giving it the versatility to handle both high- and low-concentration samples (and for screening unknowns). These sampling options, together with the ability to split sample flows, mean that CIA Advantage systems can accommodate component concentrations ranging from ppt to low-percent levels. This is achieved while retaining the robust cryogen-free operation and outstanding analytical performance inherent to all Markes’ systems. In this article, we use four case studies to demonstrate the power and versatility of the CIA Advantage for canister analysis.

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