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A Quantum Leap into the Nano Class

Nov 01 2007

Author: Wolfgang Simon on behalf of Fritsch GmbH

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Planetary ball mills have long been a popular tool for the finest comminution of powders down to the micrometer range. In many industry segments, however, this is no longer sufficient. Demand now exists for the creation of nano particles (1nm = 10-9m). For example, the pharmaceutical industry is interested in the production of new medications with active ingredients at the nano scale. Active ingredients at the nano scale are taken up by the human body much more rapidly than conventional preparations; in other words, the better bio-availability makes it possible to significantly reduce the dosages in medication. Despite lower quantities of active ingredients, the same therapeutic effects are achieved while reducing undesired sideeffects at the same time. Nano particles are needed in materials research as well. For example, numerous research groups worldwide are active in the development of new nano materials for efficient storage of hydrogen. This is an important step on the way to the automobile of the future.

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