Grady Hanrahan

Modelling of Pollutants in Complex Environmental Systems, Volume I

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Environmental modelling has enjoyed a long tradition, but there is a defined need to continually address both the power and the limitations of such models, as well as their quantitative assessment. This book showcases modern environmental modelling methods, the basic theory behind them and their incorporation into complex environmental investigations. It highlights advanced computing technologies and how they have led to unprecedented and adaptive modelling, simulation and decision-support tools to study complex environmental systems, and how they can be applied to current environmental concerns.

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With chapters contributed by global experts, the book covers different aspects of modelling air, water, soils and biological systems, and includes a colour section to enable greater comprehension of the topics discussed. It is essential reading for researchers in academia, industry and government-related bodies who have a vested interest in all aspects of environmental modelling.

Table of Contents

Part I Aquatic Modelling and Uncertainty
Chapter 1 Useless Arithmetic? Lessons Learnt from Aquatic Biogeochemical Modelling
George B. Arhonditsis

Chapter 2 Developing Artificial Neural Networks for Water Quality Modelling and Analysis
R.J. May, H.R. Maier and G.C. Dandy

Part II Hydrology-Based Modelling and Pollutant Loading
Chapter 3 Catchment Scale Assessment of Phosphorus Loading: Evolution of the Export Coefficient Modelling Approach
Sarah Muliadi, Lyra Porcasi, Alex Sherbetjian and Grady Hanrahan

Chapter 4 Modelling Water Quality Impacts of Stormwater Runoff: Why Hydrologic Models are Insufficient
A. Jones-Lee and G. Fred Lee

Part III Subsurface Modelling and Pollutant Transport in Soils
Chapter 5 Pollutant Fate and Transport in the Subsurface
Laurin Wissmeier, Alessandro Brovelli, Clare Robinson, Frank Stagnitti and D.A. Barry

Chapter 6 Modelling Metal Sorption in Soils
Jon Petter Gustafsson

Chapter 7 A GIS-Enabled Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Paradigm for Modelling Complex Groundwater Systems across Multiple Spatial Scales
Shu-Guang Li, Huasheng Liao, Soheil Afshari, Mehmet Oztan, Hassan Abbas and Richard Mandle

Part IV Uncertainty in Bioaccumulation Modelling
Chapter 8 Bayesian Approaches to Characterise Uncertainty and Variability in Biological and Environmental Models and Risk Assessment
Karen H. Watanabe and Hsin-i Lin

Part V Air Quality Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 9 Sensitivity Analysis Methods in Air Quality Models
Dacian N. Daescu

Chapter 10 Modelling of Pollutants in Atmospheric Environmental Systems
Roberto San José, Juan L. Pérez, Jose L. Morant and Rosa M. González

Chapter 11 Statistical Models for Predicting Ozone and PM10Concentrations
F.G. Martins, J.C.M. Pires and S.I.V. Sousa

Chapter 12 Photochemical Smog Modelling for Ozone Air Quality Management
Kim Oanh Nguyen Thi and Didin Agustian Permadi

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Author Biography

Grady Hanrahan received his PhD training in environmental analytical chemistry from the University of Plymouth, UK. With experience in directing undergraduate and graduate research, he has taught in the fields of environmental science and analytical chemistry at California State University, Los Angeles, and California Lutheran University. He is the author of Environmental Chemometrics: Principles and Modern Applications (CRC Press, 2009), and has written or co-written over 30 peer-reviewed technical papers. He is actively engaged in employing environmental modelling activities in his research and teaching efforts.

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