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INHECO liquid cooling solutions: Eradicate the risk of excess heat and air movement on your automated deck. 

Nextgen liquid handling systems are fully enclosed due to regulations and to protect the chemistry from contamination

INHECO - the leading provider of reaction control solutions has developed a new portfolio of liquid cooled devices designed to support enclosed systems

Liquid Cooling delivers several benefits:

  • Reduced On-Deck Heat

Waste heat is transported off-deck by the liquid loop and dissipated via the external heat exchanger, LC devices have little to no detrimental effect on the deck temperature.

  • No Air Movement

The removal of fans negates the risk of moving air further distributing contaminants in the enclosure.

  • Larger Temperature range

LC devices deliver an extended temperature range – users can keep enzymes at lower temperatures – even sub-zero

  • Silent Running

The silent operation of liquid cooled devices reduces the overall noise in the working environment.

  • Space Saving

LC devices deliver space saving – the lower profile reduces risk of the device impeding movement around the deck

  • Easy Modular Installation

LC devices can be serially connected – 1 liquid loop is required for multiple devices with no performance drop.

Our 1st products with Liquid cooling are:

  • CPLC – Heater/Cooler
  • Thermoshake AC-LC - our AutoClamping
  • Heater/Cooler/shaker (available Q3)

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