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AccuSpan Group: Your Speciality Gas and Gas Safety Experts For more than four decades, AccuSpan has been a beacon of excellence in the field of portable calibration gas solutions. Our global clientele relies on us for cost-effective, customized products tailored to meet their unique gas calibration requirements. With a deep understanding of hi-spec gas technology, AccuSpan stands as trusted experts, ensuring we deliver the precise solution for your application and budget. AccuSpan's senior management team boasts extensive experience in gas handling systems. We collaborate closely with specialized gas equipment suppliers to provide an extensive array of accessories, including purifiers, flow meters, transfer hoses, cylinder racks, stainless steel sample bottles, piston cylinders, calibration gas generators, and pressure gauges. Our expertise extends beyond equipment supply to encompass the design, installation, and commissioning of industrial gas or specialty gas filling systems. These services cater to projects of all scales, ranging from small laboratory setups to large gas filling plants. Whether it's a new laboratory instrument installation with simple pipe work systems and regulators or the implementation of a larger industrial-scale gas handling application, AccuSpan is equipped to design, install, and commission the system tailored to your unique requirements. Within the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries, AccuSpan stands as a reliable provider of gravimetrically produced, high-precision calibration gas mixtures that strictly adhere to ISO 6142 standards. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of high-purity gases and pressure control equipment, crucial for instrumental analysis and gas detection applications. Our comprehensive product range covers the entire spectrum of calibration gas solutions, including calibration gases, sensors, RGP (Rare Gas Purifiers) and gas generators. Furthermore, we have become authorised providers of purge systems designed for pipe welding under the brand name SpanWeld. These user-friendly systems not only facilitate quicker purge times but also reduce purge gas consumption, ensuring the attainment of the highest-quality welds while minimising oxidation to the utmost degree. A lasting legacy As a family-owned and operated business, safety and superior customer service are our cornerstones. We have established a presence in Surrey, UK, and forged strategic commercial partnerships in India, Poland, and the USA. Over time, we've meticulously crafted a secure supply chain and a global distribution network. Our customer base spans various continents, with significant market presence in regions like India, Pakistan, Indian sub-continent, South America, and Africa. Our legacy traces back to 1977 when Dr. Chandramani Narain founded Spantech Products Ltd in Great Britain. Later, we acquired Stoke-based AG Gases, a company already renowned for delivering high-quality gas mixtures across various applications and industries. This acquisition led to the formation of AccuSpan. Today, our group includes Spantech Sp. z o. o in Poland, playing a vital role as a distribution and support hub serving the entire EU. This is complemented by our endeavours in India and the subcontinent, where we have had a strong presence since the 1980s, supplying to the country's largest corporations and smallest OEM manufacturers alike. Now managed by our partners, Spancan N Equipment, who remain a pivotal component of our global growth strategy. We firmly believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients, emphasizing a deep understanding of their unique needs and providing tailor-made solutions that build trust and foster long-term relationships. Choosing "AccuSpan" as your business partner guarantees professional execution and a customized approach to each project, ensuring the optimal solution for your specific requirements. Join Our Global Network AccuSpan and Spantech have formed a powerful alliance, committed to delivering superior solutions in the fields of calibration gas and commercial gases. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, customer-centric approach, and extensive industry expertise make us the preferred choice for businesses worldwide. Partnering with us ensures unparalleled quality and service in the gas industry. Whether you seek precise calibration solutions from Spantech Products or specialized commercial gases from AccuSpan, you tap into decades of experience, innovation, and customer dedication. Join our global network and discover how we can empower your business with precision gases and calibration excellence.

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