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In This Issue:
Chromatography Modelling in High Performance
Liquid Chromatography Method Development

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy
LC-MS/MS Analysis of Emerging Food Contaminants Quantitation and Identification of Dicyandiamide in Milk and Other Protein-Rich Foods

Laboratory Products
Research & Events News

Pittcon Show Review

96- and 384-Channel Electronic Pipettes
An Affordable Way to Increase Pipetting Productivity

Business Opportunities Asia

Special Features
Refractometry & Polarimetry
Drug Discovery & Pharmaceuticals
Safety, Hazard Containment & Sterilising Equipment

Microscopy & Microtechnology

Probing the Interactions Among Three Proteins to Evaluate Whether an Antibody and Inhibitor Compete for the Same Binding Site on an Enzyme

Microscopy News


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Lab Asia 31.2 April 2024

April 2024

In This Edition Chromatography Articles - Approaches to troubleshooting an SPE method for the analysis of oligonucleotides (pt i) - High-precision liquid flow processes demand full fluidic c...

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Lab Indonesia

Apr 24 2024 Jakarta, Indonesia

Expomed Eurasia

Apr 25 2024 Istanbul, Turkey

AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

Apr 28 2024 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

SETAC Europe

May 05 2024 Seville, Spain

InformEx Zone at CPhl North America

May 07 2024 Pennsylvania, PA, USA

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