Coupling Ion chromatography to mass spectrometry - Automatic Calibration in Ion Chromatography: save time, gain reliability



University College Cork

Date: 13:00:00 - Oct 23 2015
Speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Gilchrist, Dr. Andrea Wille
Moderators: Trevor Hopkins

Part 1 - Coupling Ion chromatography to mass spectrometry

Ion chromatography (IC) is routinely used for ion analysis, typically with non-specific detectors such as conductivity or UV/Vis. Interest in utilising IC with mass spectrometry (MS) detection has increased in recent years in order to reduce interference, improve sensitivity and increase confidence in compound identification. This webinar aims to explain the different approaches that can be used to couple IC to MS demonstrated with a range of possible applications. The advantages the combined techniques can offer are also highlighted.

Learning objectives.

  • Highlight the different IC-MS approaches
  • Possible IC-MS applications
  • Benefits of coupling IC to MS


Part 2 - Automatic Calibration in Ion Chromatography: save time, gain reliability

Ion chromatography (IC) is a versatile and proven method for ion analysis. It allows the accurate and precise analysis of anions, cations, amines, organic acids, carbohydrates and amino acids in virtually any matrix. The big benefit of IC is that chemically similar substances are deter­mined in parallel in a single analysis.

The results are reliable if they are in the calibrated range. In the past the calibrations were done manually, an error-prone and time-intensive step. Today automatic calibration techniques are available saving time and improving the precision and reliability of your analysis. The webinar explains about these techniques and shows capabilities to enlarge the measuring range for your sample series. Additionally tips and tricks for IC calibrations are given to make your routine work more convenient.  

learning objectives:

  • Benefits of automatic calibration in IC
  • Possible application areas from trace level to the g/L range
  • Capabilities and principles of the different techniques to realize automatic calibration, e.g., Inline Dilution, Partial-Loop Injection or Inline Preconcentration
  • Handling of large concentration differences in sample series
  • Tips and tricks for IC calibrations in routine work


Who should attend:

Everybody interested in ion chromatography who would like to know more about:

  • More convenience in routine work by an automatic calibration
  • Inline Sample Preparation Techniques, e.g. Inline Dilution or Inline Preconcentration
  • Possibilities to save time and to improve reliability

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Dr. Elizabeth Gilchrist
Dr. Elizabeth Gilchrist (University College Cork)

Dr. Elizabeth Gilchrist is a researcher in the Department of Chemistry at University College Cork having recently obtained her Ph.D within the Analytical & Environmental Division at King’s College London. Her research to date has focused on the development of capillary ion chromatography and ion chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry technologies for trace analysis, publishing several papers in the area.

Dr. Andrea Wille
Dr. Andrea Wille (Metrohm International Headquarters)

Andrea Wille is the manager of the competence center ion chromatography of Metrohm International Headquarters, Herisau, Switzerland. She has worked for 20 years with ion chromatography, 15 years at Metrohm. In this time, Andrea worked as an application specialist as well as a product manager for ion chromatography. Her experiences are based on method and application developments for all branches. Since 2007, she is responsible for sales and marketing of Metrohm's ion chromatography instruments.


Trevor Hopkins
Trevor Hopkins (International Labmate)

A well-known figure in the scientific industry has an extensive background in separation sciences gained during more than 40 years’ experience in chromatography adsorbents, columns and consumables. A successful career pathway that has spanned product development, product management, sales and marketing and corporate leadership makes him the consummate consultant. Trevor’s has a chemistry degree and his passion for chromatography was first developed through hands-on laboratory training in the Pharmaceutical and Contract Research Industries. He has consulted on all aspects of chromatography for many companies and conducted numerous customer and distributor training meetings. He has also presented papers and posters at major international conferences and meetings. He is also Editor of Chromatography Today and Separation Science and Spectroscopy Editor for International Labmate Ltd.

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