What are the latest trends and developments in coulometric Karl Fischer titration methods used within the petroleum related markets?


 ECH Scientific

Date: 16:00:00 - Jul 15 2021
Speakers: Tom Gallant, Dorit Wilke
Moderators: Tom Lynch CChem FRSC

Karl Fischer titration is an analytical technique widely used by chemists throughout the petroleum related sector.  Many chemists will agree that accurate results are most important followed by delivering results quickly, consistently and safely.  Smooth transitions between testing runs is also highly desirable.

There are a number different KF methods available to cover the spectrum of samples within the hydrocarbon markets.  This webinar will give insights into which methods are best employed when testing Crude oil, Biofuel, lubricants, petroleum/gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, LPG, LNG, Technical Gas, DME, CNG, Gas Mixtures, Petrochemicals.

More often than not testing takes place in a laboratory, however, many need to test in the field especially when testing feed-stocks like crude oils, natural gas and hygroscopic samples like transformer oils and naphtha. In other cases, the analysis needs to take place online within the production process.  This webinar will also give insights into which Karl Fischer methods are most appropriate depending on where and when the test takes place.

Key learning objectives:

  • A basic understanding of the different types of titration and where, there are advantages of one technique over another depending on the sample type.
  • An overview of the three procedures included within the ASTM test method D6304 giving insights into which procedure is best to use depending on sample types and where the NEW procedure C and the innovative revisions to the procedure B method are most suitable.
  • An update on how ASTM D7995 for determining water content in LPG by coulometric Karl Fischer titration is being adopted within the industry, how the procedure simply removes interferences caused by mercaptans and H2S enabling accurate determination of water content in LPG and all gas types down to 1ppm.
  • How to extend and improve your workflows from ASTM D4928 through to ASTM D6304 or ASTM D7995 only using one instrument.
  • The importance of collaboration during R&D in achieving innovative and successful solutions to help chemists working within the petroleum related markets.
  • Learn how to remove a blank value and guarantee a <1ppm accurate result.
  • Insights into future developments in Karl Fischer titration methods and technologies
  • How to minimise chemical handling and maximise the lifespan of your coulometric reagent allowing up to 1,000 measurements per charge of reagent.

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Tom Gallant
Tom Gallant (ECH Scientific Ltd)

Sales Manager for ECH Scientific, the Global Sales Team of ECH Elektrochemie Halle - a leading expert in Karl Fischer Titration, H2s Analysers and various analytical instruments. At ECH we are committed to a continuous program of product and method development in order to meet a demanding, expanding market.

Dorit Wilke
Dorit Wilke (ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH)

Dorit is a proven scientist in the field of instrumental analysis. She has been working for ECH Elektrochemie GmbH for 20 years. Dorit holds a doctorate in chemistry and specializes in analytics, sensor technology and in method development, especially. She is chairwoman of the DIN Working Group NA 119-01-03-01-26 AK Working Group "Easily Releasable Sulphide" and thus in charge of the development of the national and international standard for the determination of hydrogen sulphide in water.


Tom Lynch CChem FRSC
Tom Lynch CChem FRSC (International Labmate Ltd)

Tom has 35 years of experience in the petroleum industry, specialising in the delivery of forensic and problem solving /method development capabilities for BP Fuels and Lubricants businesses globally. He was also a member of the BP Science Council representing Analytical Science and led a BP wide Analytical Science network. Tom has published over 30 citable papers, 4 book chapters and has given over 60 presentations at conferences. He is a past Vice President of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Analytical Division and a past Chairman of the RSC Separation Science Group. In addition, Tom is a recipient of the Silver Jubilee Medal by the Chromatographic Society and a technical achievement award by the Energy Institute.

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