• Revolutionary Immunoassay Analyser: Elite Performance, Zero Daily Maintenance


Revolutionary Immunoassay Analyser: Elite Performance, Zero Daily Maintenance

May 15 2023

Beckman Coulter introduces the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer, a highly efficient and compact solution. With an impressive throughput of up to 215 tests per hour per square meter (tests/hr/m2), it sets a new standard for productivity in immunoassay analysis.

The DxI 9000 Analyzer introduces groundbreaking advancements to meet the demands of speed, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and menu expansion in modern laboratories. It has undergone rigorous evaluation by the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM), achieving the highest level of performance. Additionally, the innovative Lumi-Phos PRO Substrate enables the development of highly sensitive and clinically relevant assays, ensuring the system is well-equipped to address future healthcare requirements.

According to Julie Sawyer Montgomery, President, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics: “The DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer sets new expectations for immunoassay testing operational performance and ability to develop and sustain improved assay sensitivity to meet tomorrow’s analytical needs. Those in the laboratory will treasure ZeroDaily Maintenance to save them time, PrecisionVision Technology to safeguard against flawed data reports, and IntelliServe to maximise system uptime. At the same time, clinical researchers are excited about the DxI 9000 Analyzer’s capability to keep pace with increasingly sensitive testing requirements as healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies take aim at ever more challenging diseases. An inspiring feat of technology, the DxI 9000 Analyzer is a comprehensive healthcare innovation.” 

An early evaluator of the DxI 9000 Analyzer, Dr Pamela Christudoss, Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Christian Medical College Vellore, India noted: “Like clinical laboratories worldwide, we are running more tests than any time in our history. The innovations packed into the DxI 9000 Analyzer will enable labs across the globe to improve their throughput rates and turnaround times with world class precision. In particular, the team loved the un-paralleled Zero Daily Maintenance especially for a platform that runs 450 tests per hour.”

An additional evaluator, Mr Ray Divilley, Chief Medical Officer, Mayo University Hospital, Ireland, added: “With the DxI 9000, Beckman Coulter has successfully produced a platform that addresses today’s laboratories needs for speed, accuracy, and reliability. Based on our use and evaluation of the system in our lab, we were able to get actionable results back quicker to doctors and ultimately patients as they consider treatment options.”

ZeroDaily Maintenance, a key feature of the DxI 9000 Analyzer, showcases its embedded innovations that optimise uptime performance. Testimonials from beta users confirm that ZeroDaily Maintenance has revolutionised their workdays by eliminating the need for daily maintenance tasks. As a result, annual maintenance routines have been significantly reduced by up to 96%.

Leveraging Beckman Coulter's expertise in workflow and automation, PrecisionVision Technology sets a new benchmark by providing real-time inspection, identification, and prevention of erroneous reporting. This cutting-edge technology incorporates automated safeguards such as tube identification, cap detection, tip check, sample aspiration and delivery, residual wash volume assessment, and substrate volume verification. Each of these checks significantly minimizes the potential for reporting inaccurate data, while simultaneously enhancing system reliability and reproducibility.

Beckman Coulter's innovative remote service and diagnostics solution, DxS IntelliServe, connects seamlessly with DxI 9000 Analyzers, continuously monitoring data and error trends to facilitate timely and proactive system servicing. DxS IntelliServe identifies and engages service experts in real-time for efficient issue resolution through remote monitoring, operation, and troubleshooting, optimising laboratory uptime and performance. Additionally, the solution offers remote update capabilities and proactive scheduling, ensuring that the analysers always run on the latest software, minimising unplanned workflow disruptions and downtime.

Beckman Coulter’s Access NT-proBNP assay quantifies N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide levels, an indicator of heart function. Elevated levels of natriuretic peptides can signify heart failure. With a swift turnaround time of less than 11 minutes, the Access NT-proBNP assay delivers rapid results. It enhances the accuracy of heart failure diagnosis by incorporating age-based cutoffs and disease-specific comorbidity data, enabling improved interpretation of test results.

The DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer is now globally available in the majority of countries.

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