• Certified Reference Materials for Cannabis Quality Testing


Certified Reference Materials for Cannabis Quality Testing

Nov 30 2022

As the demand for cannabis and its extracts continue to grow, cannabis quality testing is becoming more important than ever to ensure products meet the safety criteria for human consumption for both recreational and medicinal uses. Cannabis is generally tested for potency (cannabinoids content) and terpene profiling and for contaminants such as residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. With the lack of federal involvement, States and different agencies such as ASTM, have begun publishing their own test methods to offer guidance to growers and producers to ensure the safety of consumers.

AccuStandard offers reference standards for cannabis testing that are designed to meet the requirements of different States or international test methods such as California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Nevada and Canada. AccuStandard’s Cannabis Testing products also include CRMs that’s designed for specific ASTM methods such as D8399, Standard Test Method of Pesticides in Dried Cannabis. AccuStandard’s technical team is available to custom formulate a CRMs that meet the requirements of your specific test.

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