• New Automated Gx-271 Gpc Clean-up System Contaminating Compound Removal for Environmental Substances


New Automated Gx-271 Gpc Clean-up System Contaminating Compound Removal for Environmental Substances

Aug 28 2007

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) clean-up is a extraction method which is required for the removal of interfering substances such as proteins, fats & lipids, & complex polymers from food, tissue, soil & waters samples. Now available from Anachem, the new Gilson Automated GX-271 Clean-up System GPC automates this process creating an ideal solution for removing these interfering substances prior to analysis by GC, GC/MS, HPLC or LC/MS. Whether you are an environmental or food laboratory, the GX-271 meets government standards and provides an affordable solution to performing residue analysis of complex matrices.

The removal of unwanted compounds such as lipids, proteins and cell debris from extracted samples of food, tissue, soil and water is fundamental as they can hinder the analysis of pharmaceuticals and residues including pesticides, PCB's, antibiotics, etc.; neglecting to do so can produce poor results, reduce column life and extend analytical downtime. The GX-271 GPC system is controlled via Trilution LC Software, and incorporates pre-programmed methods specifically designed for processes of automated GPC clean-up of up to 80 sample extracts.

The system can utilize a variety of compatible GPC columns, low pressure glass or high pressure stainless steel containing packing material such as divinylbenzene-styrene copolymer. Available in two configurations the GX-271 GPC offers the option to include a UV Detector or not. The GX-271 GPC system can also be linked with other post-extraction steps on the same bed, such as Solid Phase Extraction, mixing, dilution, shaking, heating etc.

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