• solid AA® - Determination of Pb and as Without Sample Preparation


solid AA® - Determination of Pb and as Without Sample Preparation

Mar 30 2011

Quality control of colour pigments in the cosmetics industry includes e.g. the determination of Pb and As. Crucial factors of choosing the appropriate analytical operation method often are: saving time and money.

Accordingly, a new technique to analyse such powdery samples directly without sample preparation is pushed into the market by Analytik Jena – solid AA®, Direct Solid Sampling GF-AAS.

Metallic pigments impart brilliance, colour and coverage to other cosmetic colorants. From eyeliners that shimmer to metallic nail enamels to lipsticks and eye shadows that have a luminous glow, special effects add glamour and excitement to cosmetics.

Although international regulations have restricted the list of allowed colorants for cosmetics and personal care, metallic pigments can be used to expand the existing colour palette available to cosmetic formulations by mixing them with other colorants, such as organics and pearlescent pigments.

A graphite furnace AAS operating with transverse heated graphite furnace and Zeeman background correction combined with the new Direct Solid Sampler SSA 600 enables users to determine all elements directly, fast and easy. Thus time-intensive sample preparation is not necessary anymore and analysis results are obtained in a very short time. Expensive digestion reagents or even digestion instruments are needless. Furthermore trouble with reagent blanks respectively contamination is reduced to a minimum. Calibrating with liquid standards as well as adding a modifier solution is realised via an optionally available Liquid-Dosing-Module.

solid AA® – advantages of direct analysis of solid samples:

• Analysis of the unadulterated original samples
• No time-consuming sample digestion
• No dilution effect with substances harmful to health or the environment
• Minimized risk of contamination
• High sensitivity
• Genuine micro-volume method (sample quantities in the order of μg or mg)
• Detection limits in the pg and fg ranges

The economic benefits:

• Speed
• Reduced costs
• Flexibility
• Efficiency

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