• Rack Mounted Uv-vis Diode Array Process Spectrophotometer


Rack Mounted Uv-vis Diode Array Process Spectrophotometer

Nov 10 2006

Applied Analytics is pleased to announce the introduction of a new rack mounted process analyzer, the OMA-405. The OMA-405 is a UV VIS diode array process spectrometer based on the well-accepted wall-mounted OMA-300 Process Analyzer. With the OMA-405 the flow cell is externally mounted and fiber optics are used to interface the cell to the detector.

The Model OMA-405 Process Analyzer fits a standard 19" rack and is functionally identical to the OMA-300, which is typically housed in an explosion proof enclosure. The analyzer contains no moving parts and is designed to address on-line applications that require fast, reliable, and maintenance-free monitoring of concentrations, including both single- and multi-components.

The stream composition is obtained through continuous measurement and analysis of a spectrum using a 1024 element diode array, in a wavelength range of 190 nm to 800 nm with a resolution of 1 nm. A broad range of flow cells is available, ranging in path length from 1 mm to 1000 mm, to meet the concentration characteristics of the particular stream.

Typical applications for the OMA-405 include the monitoring of chlorine, trace impurities, metal ions, nitrogenous compounds in exhaust gas, sulfur based components such as H2S and SO2, as well as clean in-place monitoring for pharmaceutical facilities.

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