• New Massworks? Software for High Mass Accuracy Data from Any Mass Spectrometer


New Massworks? Software for High Mass Accuracy Data from Any Mass Spectrometer

Apr 05 2006

Cerno Bioscience has announced the unveiling of MassWorks, an easy-to-use post acquisition software package that utilizes Cerno's patented MSIntegrity? technology to achieve high mass accuracy even on conventional mass spectrometers of unit mass resolution. New MassWorks, developed for pharmaceutical and biotech environments, integrates the powerful MSIntegrity calibration technology to obtain up to 100X improvement in mass accuracy in a fast and versatile MS software application package. By combining novel calibration techniques with sound mathematical principles, Cerno methodologies can provide significant improvements to all types of MS data, both high and low resolution. This innovative, patented technology was launched at PITCON, Orlando, Florida, March 12-16 2006.

MassWorks can improve the results from any mass spectrometer from unit mass resolution instruments through to FTMS systems. It can routinely extend the capabilities of unit mass resolution instruments to obtain mass accuracies of up to 5ppm, approximately 100X better than results typically obtained. This makes it possible to perform accurate compound identification through elemental composition determination, a capability usually only available on more expensive systems. MSIntegrity also improves the performance of high resolution MS systems, typically improving mass accuracy by 3X or greater. On all systems, significant improvements in signal-to-noise and peak shape are achieved as well.