• All-in-One Analyser in a Wall-Mounted Enclosure for TVOC Monitoring and Emission Speciation
    Flow control and individual gas concentrations display on the website. Installation in mounted boxes with gas generators.


All-in-One Analyser in a Wall-Mounted Enclosure for TVOC Monitoring and Emission Speciation

May 18 2020

Chromatotec Group® specialises in the manufacturing of autoGCs for online monitoring. Besides its standard solutions for ambient application, Chromatotec® is continuously developing new turnkey solutions for gas analysis at industrial sites.

Recently, autoGC-FID analysers in a complete wall-mounted enclosure were deployed in two channelled sources to monitor the point source emissions of a chemistry plant that manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. Measurement of TVOCs as well as halogenated and oxygenated hydrocarbons used as solvents at ppm level is provided in 15 minutes.

The user expressed concern about the instrument footprint and the complexity of use. In contrast to laboratory GC-FID, the solution provided includes internal calibration and gas generators, eliminating the need for gas cylinders while offering a reliable and fully automated, standalone unit. It is housed in compact wall-mounted cabinets which can be compliant with CSA and IECEx certifications for safe and hazardous areas (ATEX).

In addition, the analyser can be coupled to an online sampling device for liquid matrices. Finally, a 4G router providing Internet connectivity is integrated, allowing remote diagnosis. A website hosted in the Cloud displays real-time results and history of concentration values and calculation of the dynamic mass flow for each parameter analysed. Its automatic reporting tool generates monthly reports for environmental, state legislators. Notification alarms sent by SMS, as well as emails, inform users of unacceptable concentration values or malfunctions.

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