• Mastering Gas Chromatography


Mastering Gas Chromatography

Jul 21 2006

Dani has taken particular care to the high productivity required in laboratories when developing the new Master Gas Chromatograph With heating speed of the oven up to 140°C/min and digital control of carrier gas up to 120 psi Master GC is an outstanding gas chromatograph for fast gas chromatography.

The DANI Master GC is very compact and one can install simultaneously up to 3 injectors and 3 detectors. A special lighting device, inside the spacious and easily accessible oven, simplifies installation of the columns.

The universal Dani PTV injector improves Master GC's repeatability and accuracy when compared with other gas chromatographs. A temperature ramp of up to 1000°C/min transfers substances in a narrow band avoiding degradation of thermolabile compounds. The reduced inner diameter of the PTV liner is ideal for SPME technique and for injection in narrow bore columns. The solvent split injection mode is particularly suitable for fast gas chromatography.

The digital flow control of carrier gas (DFC) guarantees high repeatability of retention time and allows to operate with constant or programmed flow and pressure or in "pulsed injection" mode. The "gas saving" feature avoids unnecessary waste of gas through the split line between one analysis and the next.

Dani's Master GC detectors are extremely sensitive, selective and specific for a wide range of applications. The integrated digital pressure control (DPC) is ideal to set the required flows for high repeatability of the gas chromatographic system.

Through an intuitive graphic user interface based on a high resolution touch screen, the user can display either the chromatogram in real time or the operative parameters.

The productivity of Master GC is strongly increased with the Master AS liquid sampler with robotic advanced technology (XYZ). The tray can place up to 160 vials which can be identified through a bar code reader and maintained at a set temperature through an electrical device.

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