• Elevating pharmaceutical excellence: Mastering ATNC control with Ellutia's ATNA


Elevating pharmaceutical excellence: Mastering ATNC control with Ellutia's ATNA

Feb 14 2024

In the world of pharmaceuticals, managing the Apparent Total Nitrosamine Content (ATNC) is absolutely crucial. Neglecting these compounds can have consequences far beyond just financial burdens. It can put your reputation on the line and even pose risks to the health of consumers, with the scary possibility of cancer.

Taking on this challenge requires a proactive approach, with a focus on controlling ATNC right from the source. Unfortunately, existing technology and methods have struggled to provide quick and effective ways of confirming nitrosamine-free samples at low ppb levels.

But fear not. Ellutia's Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser (ATNA) is here to save the day. It's like a guiding light for pharmaceutical manufacturers who are navigating the complex world of ATNC control. Not only is it renowned for its exceptional nitrosamine screening capabilities, but the ATNA also goes a step further by swiftly screening for ATNC levels down to low ppb. And the best part? It effortlessly handles different types of samples with minimal preparation, making the entire analysis process a breeze.

The ATNA's functionality is a perfect blend of operational simplicity and efficiency. It takes samples on a seamless journey - they are placed in vials with a reagent mixture, then subjected to a chemical reaction by the Robotic Autosampler before being injected into the highly sensitive and selective Ellutia TEA Detector. This detector can detect at low ppb levels and analyse up to 10 samples per hour.

By eliminating the need for compound separation, the ATNA gives you a single result for total ATNC content, providing a definitive understanding for further investigation. This targeted approach empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to allocate resources where they truly matter, avoiding unnecessary investment in blank samples.

If your mission is to enhance pharmaceutical quality through precise ATNC control, the ATNA offers a valuable advantage. Discover its incredible capabilities.

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