• Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy: Ellutia's Automated Permeation Analyser


Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy: Ellutia's Automated Permeation Analyser

Oct 10 2023

The global defence sectors acknowledge the critical significance of conducting accurate permeation rate tests on warfare materials. This procedure is essential for legal compliance and ensuring safety. However, the testing process required to confirm performance can be quite complex, often overwhelming standard analytical equipment. Manual testing can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous when confirming materials' performance against warfare agents.

To address these challenges, Ellutia provides a comprehensive system that automates this analysis. By utilising Ellutia's Automated Permeation Analyser, defence organisations can not only ensure prompt compliance with international standards but also benefit from a streamlined and automated testing framework.

The systems can be configured to meet various international standards, covering a wide range of challenge chemicals and material types. These systems consist of multiple permeation cells that house the challenge chemical and test materials. Samples are automatically taken at regular intervals, and the results are plotted in real-time.

For those in the defence and manufacturing sectors seeking to modernise their material testing methodologies, Ellutia encourages you to contact them directly. By doing so, they can better understand your requirements and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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