• Unveiling the science behind ATNC analysis in cosmetics


Unveiling the science behind ATNC analysis in cosmetics

Feb 27 2024

Cosmetics are an essential part of our daily routines, but concerns about their safety have grown due to the presence of nitrosamines and their potential health implications. Manufacturers face the daunting task of confirming and controlling nitrosamine levels, which has proven to be challenging with existing equipment, often resulting in expensive and time-consuming outsourcing.

Introducing the ATNC (Apparent Total Nitrosamine Content) Analysis, a recognised technique under the European Union's Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. This ground-breaking method empowers users to swiftly screen samples for total nitrosamine content down to ppb levels, delivering a singular result regardless of the complexity of the nitrosamine molecule.

Ellutia possesses decades of expertise in nitrosamine detection across various industries, and fully comprehend the unique challenges faced in the cosmetics realm. The company’s tailored solutions enable customers to bring ATNC testing in-house, led by the exceptional 800 series TEA detector. This detector, renowned for its unrivalled sensitivity and selectivity, utilises a chemical reaction to detach the NO group from the Nitrosamine molecule, precisely detected by the TEA.

Ellutia’s ATNC systems offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for manual or automated analysis depending on the required sensitivity and sample volumes. By taking the next step to internalise ATNC analysis, you can regain control, swiftly identifying and resolving any issues, ensuring that your products consistently meet your expected standards.

Arrange an exploratory call with Ellutia’s team of experts to discuss the possibilities.

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