• Eliminating Cross Contamination and Sample Loss During Solvent Removal


Eliminating Cross Contamination and Sample Loss During Solvent Removal

Jun 20 2007

Dri-Pure® is a unique technology developed by Genevac that enables rapid sample drying with no loss of sample and no cross-contamination due to solvent bumping. The patented Dri-Pure® technology is available for all current models of Genevac centrifugal evaporators, from the affordable EZ-2 and HT-4X bench-top units to the production-scale Mega 1200.

Two independent studies are available demonstrating the utility of Dri-Pure technology. A recent study by Evotec-OAI demonstrates the benefits of Dri-Pure® in eliminating solvent bumping from larger sample volumes found in tubes and vials. A further study by GlaxoWellcome UK describes the benefits of Dri-Pure in evaporating solvents from microplates during LC/MS purification.

Dri-Pure® offers significant benefits to scientists, especially those working in synthesis and purification. Where other methods of solvent removal are either very laborious or lead to unacceptable cross-contamination, Dri-Pure® running on a Genevac evaporator gives smooth, controlled solvent removal in optimum time. It represents a significant benefit for chemists working in parallel synthesis, drug discovery and compound purification.
Genevac's unique anti-bumping system works by carefully controlling the reducing pressure in the evaporation chamber in combination with an increase in rotor speed to achieve greater g-force. In addition, heat flow to the samples must be reduced by switching off the infrared heat lamps during the pressure ramping stage. Dri-Pure® achieves all this in embedded instrument software that makes such an elegant solution very easy to apply.

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