• New Vis-spectrophotometer Meets Every Water Testing Need


New Vis-spectrophotometer Meets Every Water Testing Need

Jun 22 2006

Hach Lange is very excited to launch the new DR2800, a (340-900nm) spectrophotometer designed to meet all of the needs for testing wastewater, drinking water and process water. The DR2800 is so advanced that it replaces the DR2400/2500, the LASA30/50/100 and the LICO 100. It achieves this by meeting the customers' stated needs.

Delivered pre-programmed with in excess of 200 tests the DR2800 offers the widest range of both ready-to-use (tube tests) and parameters covering all of the major tests from ammonium to zinc including BOD, COD, TOC, nutrients, metals, disinfectants and surfactants. Previously, users of Hach and Lange ready-to-use test tubes were unable to benefit from the other party's tests. However, with the DR2800 users can now run both the Lange 13mm tests and the Hach Powder Pillow and ACCUVAC chemistries through the same unit. Reliability and a comprehensive after-sales service come as standard with every Hach Lange product, but one of the greatest strengths of the DR2800 is its accuracy.

The tight spectral bandwidth (8nm) of the high quality optics within the DR2800, coupled with a tungsten lamp with reference beam to eliminate any ageing effects, result in extremely high levels of accuracy.
Instrument design has ensured that ambient light does not interfere with the reading and readings can be taken without the need for a lid.

Ready-to-use test tubes follow standard international test methods and it is important that sample vessels are without scratches, dust or finger marks. However, Hach Lange acknowledge that such perfection is not always achievable, so each sample is rotated and 10 measurements are taken before an instantaneous indication of concentration (or transmittance or absorbance). Any unusual measurements, as a result of scratches etc, are ignored.

Human error can sometimes eliminate instrument accuracy, and for this reason Hach Lange 13mm tubes are bar coded and recognised by a laser within the instrument. As a result, the cuvette is identified and the correct calibration data is applied automatically. This also makes the test procedure faster and easier.
A further design feature to boost accuracy on certain tubes is the Dosicap-Zip, an adaptation that allows a precise quantity of solid reagent to be added to the sample.

Flexible and easy to operate, with speed and ease of use are further improved by a large backlit touch-screen with intuitive software. Diagrammatical test procedures are supplied on a card with each pack of test tubes and a USB connection is provided for data collection with a memory stick, transfer to PC or for printing. So, the DR2800 really has been designed for maximum simplicity.
Flexibility is another key feature, and a facility for up to 50 user-methods is available as standard in addition to the everincreasing range of Hach Lange tests, updates for which can be downloaded from the Hach Lange website and transferred to the DR2800 with the USB stick.

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