• A Chemical Screening Workstation Offers Real-time Recipe Changes Driven  Automatically by HPLC Data


A Chemical Screening Workstation Offers Real-time Recipe Changes Driven Automatically by HPLC Data

Sep 14 2007

At the heart of the LP ChemSCAN robotic platform, from HEL Ltd, are the PolyBLOCK reaction blocks. These offer the user a wide range of vials and reactors with volumes from 1ml to 100ml and with the possibility of inert purging, refluxing and agitation. The temperature on each of the 4 to 16 zones can be independently and accurately controlled, ranging from -80°C to +250°C. A range of miniature probes is available, allowing sensing of pH, turbidity, IR, etc.

HEL's proprietary software is simple to set up yet highly sophisticated. It allows for real time editing, limitless recipe steps, different levels of user interaction, logical and sequential instructions, and of course intelligent scheduling. The software offers features like sampling of reactions, either at user-specified intervals or dependent on other conditions being met. Once samples have been taken and analysed by the HPLC, further recipe decisions may be made. Complex recipes can be stored and re-run and modifications may be made at any time.

LP ChemSCAN integrates seamlessly with most commercial HPLC systems, triggering analysis. It works particularly well with Agilent and Gilson robots, allowing different HPLC methods to be employed in a single experiment. Data is displayed real time, and calculations and recipe changes can be automatically driven by HPLC results.

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